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DELTA preparation course - spring 2019

We are launching Delta Module 1 Preparation Course followed by Delta Module 1 exam on 5 June 2019. It is composed of 45 academic hours + 9 academic hours of mock exams (in the middle and at the end of the course).

The course also involves 8 hours of self-study per week followed by the continuous assessment/feedback from the trainers.

The course is designed and conducted by:

1.Viacheslav Kushnir, accredited CELTA Trainer and Delta Module 2 Local Trainer, CPE (A), ELT Examiner

2.Ksenia Troshina, Delta Module 1 (Distinction), CELTA, CPE (A), ELT Examiner

The classes are held on Wednesday evenings and will be run from February till June. The course fees (including Delta Module 1 exam on 5 June 2019) - 80 000 roubles.

If you are interested in taking it, please contact us by email: info@lt-pro.ru or tel.: 244-54-88

The syllabus of the course is available upon request.


Sincerely yours,

LT-Pro Examination Centre