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LT-Pro examination centre is running a fully online full-time CELTA this June – a fantastic opportunity for those who were thinking of obtaining a recognized teaching certificate in 4 weeks from the comfort of your home!

This course is a limited-time version of CELTA, which has been set up because of the current coronavirus lockdown, and it is very similar to a standard face-to-face CELTA course. Instead of meeting at the centre, you will meet the tutors, the other trainees and your teaching practice students online. We will create a virtual community of practice, full of positive energy, for you to collaborate effectively with tutors and peer trainees and learn the same skills as on a face-to-face CELTA. Various technologies, such as Zoom, Edmodo and Whatsapp, will help us to achieve this. The input sessions will be done live by certified CELTA tutors, like on a face-to-face CELTA, but via Zoom. The teaching practice will be organized via Zoom, where you will teach a group of volunteer students in a Zoom classroom. Your tutors will be experienced online teachers and teacher trainers, who will give you a lot of support during the course. 


The course content is spread over 4.5 weeks to give you regular rest time, when you can relax and work on the course tasks at a somewhat slower speed than you normally would on a face-to-face course.  


The content will be the same as in any other Cambridge CELTA course, and the certificate will also look exactly the same,not mentioning that the course was delivered online. 


The course dates are 31.05 – 01.07.2020:

31/05 - 14:00-15:30, then Mon-Fri from 12 to 21.45, 6 hours a day on average, with breaks. Additional rest is scheduled in the middle of each week.


For further information, queries and application process details please visit in Russian versionapplication details contact us on info@lt-pro.ru  or 8(812) 244-54-88.


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