Технические требования к курсу CELTA


CELTA online: what equipment/software will you need?


Zoom: The course will be conducted using via Zoom, which is free and very easy to use and is one of the best platforms to facilitate online English classes. If you are not familiar with Zoom, we will provide you with training and support at the beginning of the course. In the mean time, please watch this video about Zoom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iap0Ffl5Lg   Then register for a free account at https://zoom.us/, create your own meeting and browse around. Check your microphone and your earphones. It is also useful to have a practice meeting with a friend or a family member who are in a different location. 

You will also need:

A laptop or a desktop (not a phone or a tablet) with standard Windows/Mac software, an Internet browser, a word processor (e.g., MS Word) and a standard pdf viewer (e.g., Adobe Acrobat). You should be fairly comfortable with all this software because you will need to use it a lot during the course. Ideally, you should also be familiar with google drive and google document features, but they are easy to learn.

A stable internet connection – ideally wired, but wireless is often ok too. If you use a router, it may be useful to get a cheap Ethernet cable and connect your laptop to the router via that cable instead of WiFi. Minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down), but most networks are much faster than that these days. Check your Internet bandwidth using https://www.speedtest.net .

Audio/Video: A microphone – built-in to your computer or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth + comfortable earphones that can be connected to your computer (you can use a headset, but it may be tiring to wear it for several hours during the day). Even if your laptop or desktop has speakers, it is strongly advisable to get earphones or a headset so that the sound from the speakers does not cause an echo in the Zoom meeting. Any earphones with a 3.5mm plug will plug in. A higher Quality USB Microphone is recommended.

A second device or a printer: you will also need a second device (ideally a tablet, a laptop, or a second screen, but not your phone) to view the handouts that will be sent to you in advance. If you have a printer, that’s even better. You will be able to print everything before the sessions.

A webcam - one which is built-in to your computer or one that connects to your computer via USB. It is essential for you to have a webcam as you will be asked to demonstrate teaching techniques during the course.

A smartphone - just a standard phone, nothing special. It may be handy for some tasks.

A reasonably quiet place with a desk, where you can be during the sessions. We can be understanding if your family members are around, but there should not be much distraction and background noise, especially during your teaching practice lessons, and you should be able to use your camera.


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